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With Thanks

The Anglican Singers gratefully acknowledge the following individuals, corporations, and foundations who generously support our 2017-2018 Season.

St. James Episcopal Church
The Day Publishing Company
Connecticut College Printing and Mailing Services
The Episcopal Diocese of Connecticut
The Pfizer Foundation 

Angel ($1000+)
Candida Streeter Clark
Nicholas Streeter

Patron ($250-$999)
Anne & R. Kim Bingham †
Katherine Brighty & Wendell Windisch # †
John & Leslie Ann Demlein †
Ruth Ann and Steve Heller
Marty Minich # †
Jamie & Alden Rockwell Murphy †
Wendy Schnur †
Rowland & Carla Stebbins †

Sponsor ($100-$249)
Robert P. Anderson, Jr.
John Philip Anthony
Frances C. Ashley
Mary Baker
Anne Bourne †
Jeffrey & Evelyn Callahan
Walter & Sue Chojnacki
Philip Darrell †
William J. & Laura Downes
David & Carole Enfield
Edward Latimer †
Mary Schwartz Merrill
Robert & Virginia Montgomery
Frederick Nicholas
Amy Nickerson †
Gillian Patrick †
Stephen & Marilyn Percy
Priscilla Rockwell
Robert & Sandra Santy
Carole & James Shores
Henry & Janet von Wodtke

Donor ($50-$99)
Frederic & Anita Anderson
Amy Bentley †
Douglass Bjorn
John & Laurie Deredita
George & Anne B. Easton
Robert & Judith Ellis
Peter & Joy Hewitt
Peyton Horne
Katy King †
Jack Leary & Joanne Lukaszewicz #
Amanda Lindberg
Carol & Mike McBee
Gertrude Mead Ott
David & Darbee Percival
Pamela J. Percival
David & Cheryl Purvis
Jeffery & Ann Rowthorn
Randy Russ †
Martha Snyder
Faith Tyldsley
Nancy & Thomas Vogel
David & Barbara Williams
Jacqueline Yeung

Contributor (up to $50)
Edmond & Carol Bourque
Denise Buonanno
Victoria Carpenter
James Conover †
George & Anne B. Easton
Edward Eyler & Karen Greer
Michael & Laurie Fichtner #
Bernadette Figura
George Jagger
Mary Ellen & W. Matthew Jukoski
Rose Longo
William & Jocelyn McKenzie, in honor of Phil Darrell
Gladys Miner
Kathleen & Frank O’Beirne
Brian & Carol Rogers
Robert Simmons


† – Participated in the Annual Chorister Appeal
# – Matching contribution by Pfizer, Inc.

The Anglican Singers is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit performing arts organization.
All gifts to The Anglican Singers are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.