Members often complain about the way that stings are operated in CT and the unfairness that the process seems to contain. CPSA suggests that stores operate so that they can utilize one of the three affirmative defenses (IS scan machine, photographing equipment, age statement form) although only two of them will carry real weight in court.

As the next article delineates all stores should have an ID scanning machine so that it will verify all purchaser identification and assure you that there will not be mistakes made on the part of register staff. These machines may be expensive but they are certainly cheaper than a lawsuit or being shut down for a day to three days. The photographing system that needs to be used for the other affirmative defense also requires a specific type of machine but may actually be a longer process at the register than the process of the ID check. We do not suggest using the age statement forms as an only option because they don’t carry as much weight in court. They are good to use for backup to the other two affirmative defenses.