This document is not meant to be an all-inclusive document outlining every facet of every compliance check operation conducted by any police department, with or without Liquor Control, but rather general guidelines used by Liquor Control when working with local/state law enforcement employing this specific law enforcement strategy.

The alcohol compliance operation is designed to identify the licensed or permitted locations that are selling alcoholic beverages to minors. The operation is in no way and effort to trick or entice establishments to sell the alcoholic beverages to minors. The minor is checked at the beginning and at the end of the operation to verify that the identification is appropriate and/or that no identification is carried, depending on the method chosen.

The minor is not to argue with, entice, or induce the retail employee into selling alcohol.

The local/state police will provide the evidence money for the minors to purchase the alcohol. The minor is to be photographed to depict how they look on the day of the operation. The minor is not to wear any sweatshirts or clothing that would suggest someone as being of legal age (military sweatshirts, etc.) The minor is not to misrepresent their ages either verbally or by document at any time during the operation. The use of minors in compliance operations is to be consistent with section 30-87CGS